Henry Wiltshire as official agents have a range of land plots & villas for sale at this unique development.

The UAE is to be home to the second international destination of Sha Wellness Clinic, an award-winning European health and wellness facility in Spain.

Sha Emirates will open in 2023 at Al Jurf, a destination being created by Abu Dhabi developers Imkan.

It will offer a fusion of Eastern disciplines and cutting-edge Western techniques with the aim of transforming guests’ lives through specialised programmes that typically last seven to 14 days.

Located approximately halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the destination is set to be foundation of what will become the Riviera of the Emirates, or Sahel Al Emerat.

The wellness clinic will consist of 120 rooms spread over 125,000 square metres of pristine coastal land. Guests checking in will be sharing their stay with sea turtles, gazelle and various species of birds.

The clinic’s tranquil location also comes with a lot of history says Walid El-Hindi, chief executive of Imkan.

“Al Jurf in Arabic means the hill, you feel it’s something elevated and it is also the sea. This was the historic name given to this area by the ancestors of this country and there is a lot of heritage here going back to the Treaty of the Union,” he told The National.

Sha Emirates is set to have a sleek design that makes use of local materials and is sympathetic to its natural environment. Sustainability is a big factor for the project – the carbon footprint will be limited and several steps will be taken to protect all indigenous wildlife in the area.

As Sha’s third clinic, a second property will open in Mexico in 2021, Sha Emirates will follow the same principles as the original clinic in Alicante where the team have been perfecting treatments and programmes for over 10 years, winning over 100 wellness awards.

“Our goal is to keep Sha Emirates 80 per cent the same, and then 20 per cent personalised,” explained Alejandro Bataller Pineda, vice president of Sha Wellness Clinic at the launch of the destination.

Personalisation will see local culture, knowledge and treatments taken into consideration. It will also mean using local nature and seasonal ingredients in the clinic’s macrobiotic nutrition.

The property will also have a unique signature element different to both other Sha clinic’s but developers remain tight-lipped on what that will be.

Originally published on The National on 27.11.19

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