Fake property listings in the market!

24 April 2019

For the last two weeks, Dubai resident Melanie Swan has been looking for a home to rent. She has a clear idea about what she wants: A three-bedroom villa in a quiet and peaceful community, preferably in the Ranches or the areas around it. Interestingly, her search for her dream home has thrown up challenges along the way – from fake listings to colluding agents, to time wasted by landlords who have listed their properties with multiple brokers, creating a … Read more ›

Abu Dhabi market comment from Andrew Covill

17 April 2019

The softening rental market in Abu Dhabi has granted its tenants more bargaining powers. House prices are now more aligned with salaries and housing allowances and landlords are being flexible in terms of a number of cheques they are willing to accept. “We believe that the market is stabilizing for tenants in Abu Dhabi,” says Kika Pavese, General Manager, MD Real Estate. Sameer Barakat, Executive Director, Provis also agrees that the higher level of availability of properties is attracting tenants … Read more ›

Announcement from Bayut

04 September 2018

Startups have taken over the world at large and the UAE too follows this trend, where home-grown startups and international players are luring customers with innovative technologies and unique concepts. To stand out in this extremely competitive crowd and attract investors from across the world, requires a combination of innovation, commitment to excellence and a steady growth in revenue. Bayut exemplifies these qualities and has already established itself as a unique and reliable entity in the UAE property market. The recent … Read more ›

Further positive news for Abu Dhabi’s property market

23 May 2018

Three quarters of people would be more inclined to buy property in the UAE if they had a 10-year residency visa.

That is the result of an online poll of 3,400 people conducted by The National, after the Cabinet announced plans to offer 10-year residency visas to investors and key professionals.

A total of 77 per cent of people said they would buy if they were given leave to stay in the country for 10 years, while 16 per cent said they would not … Read more ›

Visa laws will help the UAE’s transformation into a knowledge economy

22 May 2018

In the overhaul of UAE visa laws, there is one distinctive thread that weaves together the changes: the need to attract both investment from around the world and global talent. The sweeping changes, announced on Sunday, are set to meet both those needs. Longer visas for students and skilled professionals will attract the brightest minds to the UAE and keep them here while greater autonomy for businesses will grow the economy.

The country is undergoing a metamorphosis, transitioning smoothly from an … Read more ›

ARLA – Regulations that Help Keep Your UK Property Investments Safe

06 February 2017

Henry Wiltshire is proud to announce that it is now an ARLA-licensed lettings agent. ARLA is the Association of Residential Lettings Agents and the UK property market’s foremost professional body.

Landlords and investors will be protected by the Client Money Protection Scheme

ARLA award their membership to estate agents that demonstrate the highest standard of professionalism and accountability. As long-standing clients will know, Henry Wiltshire has always offered an outstanding service; the only change is that this service is now guaranteed by … Read more ›