Winning agents – Imran Khan & Katrina Alvez

Each month, we recognise real estate agencies in the UAE which have contributed significantly to the local property market. For July 2020, we are pleased to announce that Henry Wiltshire International has won our coveted Agency of the Month award in Abu Dhabi!

Imran Khan, Property Consultant at Henry Wiltshire, took home our Agent of the Month award while Katrina Alvez, Listings and Administration Coordinator, is our Listings Pro for the month.

Keep reading to learn more about Henry Wiltshire International’s services and find out what they had to say about their win.


Henry Wiltshire International is a top real estate agency in Abu Dhabi that’s best known for the professionalism, integrity and market knowledge of its agents. This Abu Dhabi property agency also has offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Istanbul and Ireland, catering to a global portfolio of clients.

Henry Wiltshire Abu Dhabi offers sales and leasing services for properties in the emirate’s top neighbourhoods, including Al Reem Island, Al Raha Beach, Yas Island and Corniche Road. Their real estate agents in Abu Dhabi prioritise transparency and customer satisfaction and provide assistance during every step of the transaction. Additionally, Henry Wiltshire International also offers property management, inspection and market appraisal services for landlords and homeowners.


Andrew Covill, Director at Henry Wiltshire International, was happy to win our award for the best real estate agencies in Abu Dhabi. He also praised our new authentication features, Checked and TruCheck™ on Bayut and thanked members of our team for their support.

“My team at Henry Wiltshire and I are delighted to receive this award from Bayut. Despite the most recent challenges, we have had another very successful month and we thank Bayut for contributing to our success with some great leads that have resulted in our recent run of sales and leases. We work very closely with our Account Manager and thank her for her ongoing support and guidance as we work together to improve all aspects of our performance with Bayut and our mutual clients.
“We are very pleased with the new products that Bayut is offering, especially Checked and TruCheck™ as we are champions of true and correct information and ethical business practice. Any product that ensures that the consumer is seeing actual and true listings gets my full support as we aim to steer the customer away from the fake and inaccurate listings.”
Congratulations to the team at Henry Wiltshire International! Their commitment to providing customer-centric sales and leasing services has earned them the title as the best real estate agency in Abu Dhabi for July 2020. For their win, Henry Wiltshire Abu Dhabi will receive a certificate, glass trophy and AED 10,000 worth of complimentary advertising on Bayut*.


We would also like to shine a spotlight on the top real estate agents in Abu Dhabi who stand out for their superior service in the property market.

For July 2020, Imran Khan, Property Consultant at Henry Wiltshire International, wins our Agent of the Month award. Imran specialises in property leasing in Al Reem Island and the Corniche Area. Imran also mentions that Bayut’s high-quality leads have led to him closing many successful deals in Al Reem Island recently!

“Wow! I am so thrilled to win the Agent of the Month award! Thank you, Bayut and thank you to Henry Wiltshire for the support and professional service we are trained to offer, which makes my hard work more effective. I have had an increased number of calls from Bayut recently and I’m pleased to say that a good number of my recent Reem Island leases have come from Bayut calls.”
Kudos to Imran for his awesome win! We hope to see him continue to be a trailblazer in the Abu Dhabi property market. Imran will also receive a certificate, glass trophy and a personalised Mont Blanc pen.


Our Listings Pro title for July 2020 is awarded to Katrina Alvez, Listings and Administration Coordinator at Henry Wiltshire International.

Well done, Katrina! She will also receive a special certificate recognising her amazing performance for the month.

We’d like to wish a hearty congratulations to the entire team at Henry Wiltshire International in Abu Dhabi. We look forward to seeing this property agency win many more accolades from us!

Those were our winners from the Abu Dhabi real estate market for July 2020. Keep following MyBayut’s Our Partners section to find out the Agency of the Month winners from Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

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