By 2030, the UAE’s tourist industry is expected to generate $24.5 billion in revenue annually, with the construction of additional five-star hotels, according to the chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi.


As part of its new major tourist strategy, Abu Dhabi’s tourism body intends to invest over $10 billion in infrastructure, according to the chairman of the emirate’s Department of Culture and Tourism.

In line with the Abu Dhabi Tourism Strategy 2030, the emirate also plans to increase the number of hotel rooms from the existing 34,000 to 52,000, according to Mohamed Al Mubarak, who spoke with The National.

The Abu Dhabi Tourism Strategy 2030, unveiled by Crown Prince Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed of Abu Dhabi, was just introduced in the UAE capital with the goal of increasing the industry’s GDP contribution.



It consists of 26 activities divided into four categories: infrastructure and mobility; promotion and marketing; visa, licensing, and regulation; and offering and city activation, which aims to improve the visitor experience.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the Abu Dhabi Airports Company, and other public and commercial organizations are among DCT Abu Dhabi’s principal partners.

According to the government, the plan intends to bring Dh90 billion ($24.5 billion) yearly to the country’s GDP by 2030, approximately 84% more than Dh49 billion in 2023, and draw 39.3 million visitors annually to Abu Dhabi, a 7% year-over-year growth from an expected 24 million last year.


Additionally, the strategy calls for creating 178,000 additional employment in the emirate, meaning that by the beginning of the next decade, there would be roughly 366,000 positions in the tourist and hospitality industries overall.

We’ll spend nearly $1 billion on marketing and events combined. Undoubtedly, that is outside the purview of the infrastructure, as Mr. Al Mubarak stated on Tuesday.

“We will invest over $10 billion in infrastructure between now and 2030, with the private sector contributing significantly to the development of museums, theme parks, and hospitality,” the speaker stated.

The Guggenheim Museum, Yas Waterworld’s improvement, the Saadiyat Cultural District, Hudayriyat Island for sports and adventure, and the growth of Warner Bros. World and Harry Potter World within it are some of the attractions that will be coming to Abu Dhabi, according to Mr. Al Mubarak.

Al Ain is also creating new hotel chains, such as Nammos and Mondrian, and is developing a zoo and other tourist attractions.

In the near future, he said, more “interesting projects” that will improve Saadiyat Island’s entertainment offerings will be made public.

The chairman stated that other goals of the emirate include promoting additional vacation rentals, especially by increasing Airbnb’s options, and building more four- and five-star beachside hotels.


The DCT Abu Dhabi stated that they intend to reach a target of 7.2 million foreign overnight visitors by 2030, which is approximately 90% more than the projected 3.8 million in 2023.

“These will effectively introduce the entire Emirate to top-notch hospitality experiences, many of which will be new experiences in the region,” says Mr. Al Mubarak stated.

In addition, he said, DCT Abu Dhabi would increase the number of its tourism source markets from the current 11 to 26, and further roadshows around Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America are planned.

Abu Dhabi is increasing its efforts to draw in investment in a variety of industries, including as technology, tourism, and hospitality, as well as to diversify its economy away from oil.


The GDP of Abu Dhabi reached its greatest level in ten years in 2023, growing 3.1% yearly to Dh1.14 trillion, according to figures released on Monday by the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi.

“We’re looking to bring in a significant amount of opportunities between now and 2030, given the growth in the tourism GDP,” Mr. Al Mubarak stated.

The tourism industry has also benefited from government measures, like as the unified GCC tourist visa that was authorized in November of last year.


The system is anticipated to facilitate travel logistics and support “continuous communication and coordination” when it is implemented throughout the six-nation bloc between 2024 and 2025.

In order to promote economic activity in the Emirates, the UAE government is also considering the introduction of new standards for commercial licenses, which would include a 10-year golden license and a five-year silver license.


In ways it has never done before, the GCC “is really going to enhance and market itself.” Thus, there are a tonne of chances there, according to Mr. Al Mubarak.

“This will generate various new opportunities in this sector. Our goal is to concentrate on jobs in the creative industries and on jobs related to culture. Therefore, those present a great opportunity for firms to come and establish themselves here.


The largest economy in the Arab world, Saudi Arabia, is also launching a significant tourism campaign. DCT Abu Dhabi sees this as “heavily complementary” to the country’s and the GCC’s aspirations to position the area as a major travel destination.

This is a reality that we must face. We will thus make the most of this complementary alliance, Mr. Al Mubarak stated, pointing out the increase in tourism that the GCC states experienced as a result of the knock-on effects of Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


While travelers from Israel and Palestine have been impacted by the Israel-Gaza conflict, Abu Dhabi’s tourism industry has been “holding strong” overall, according to Mr. Al Mubarak.

“We have consistently demonstrated and demonstrated that we are a safe place to go at any time of year, not just when there is conflict nearby.”

Furthermore, according to Mr. Al Mubarak, DCT Abu Dhabi intends to release a “super app” that would connect all platforms for tourism services.

He stated that the mobile application, which has been under development for over a year, is anticipated to be released within a year.


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Source National News 3rd April 2024

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