The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi confirms the development of the fourth museum in Saadiyat Island, the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi, after Louvre Museum, Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

The museum designed by architecture firm Mecanoo will cover more than 35,000 square metres, housing a scientific research centre, encompassing studies in zoology, paleontology, marine biology, molecular research and earth sciences when completed at the end of 2025. It aims to provide advance knowledge by increasing understanding of our past, as well as launching future innovation and emerging technologies.

The project is already under construction and will feature some of the rarest specimens in the world. The galleries will showcase a 13.8-billion-year journey, exhibiting the beginning of the universe, to a glimpse of the possible future. The museum will also feature ‘Stan’, the world-famous, 11.7 metre-tall tyrannosaurus rex fossil of the late Cretaceous period, and a specimen of the Murchison meteorite that crash-landed as a shower of stones in Australia in 1969, which was essential in revealing new information about the solar system. It bears a variety of organic stardust compounds and pre-solar grains that formed long before our solar system came into existence.

“Natural history has a new home here in Abu Dhabi and we will tell the story of our universe through some of the most incredible specimens known to mankind,” Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of DCT – Abu Dhabi, said.

The Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi, in partnership with Miral, will be the first museum in the Middle East to present history through the Arabian lens where local fauna, flora and the geological history of the region will be part of the visitor’s experience.

The design of the museum alludes to natural rock formations, reflecting its mission of linking the public with the natural world.

DCT-Abu Dhabi adds, “Also playing an important role in the design are water and vegetation, potent symbols of life in the desert. In addition to the gallery display areas, the museum will include temporary exhibition spaces for special events and theatre facilities. Furthermore, enabling and marine works have commenced on the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi construction site.”

Employment opportunities are also offered where appointed curators will cover the full scope of natural sciences. In addition, it aims to attract and educate young talents as part of the government’s drive to encourage cultural and creative industries.

DCT – Abu Dhabi already invested AED 8.5 billion over the past five years and is expected to designate AED 22 billion over the next five years.


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Source: The National 23.03.2022

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