The London property market is one of the most coveted investment markets in the world. Relatively shielded from fluctuations in global markets, it provides a safe, stable and secure haven in which to transact.

Invest in London Property

London rivals that of New York as a financial world centre and low interest rates mean that buyers can expect good levels of leverage and a well-regulated climate for borrowing.

Capital appreciation is strong and rental yields remain consistent. Investors are faced with a wide choice of properties and areas in which to choose from, meaning that investments can be tuned specifically to adapt to client need. A well-chosen initial buy-to-let purchase can morph into a home for a son or daughter studying abroad or a second residence, whilst increasing its value and generating a healthy income.

Being a global market with investment from Asia, the Americas, India, Russia, wider Europe and the Middle East ensures London is not over exposed to the fortunes of any particular region, ultimately hedging against risk. There are no restrictions on resales and overseas investors benefit from the same buying process as UK nationals. And, with Henry Wiltshire’s branch network that stretches across London, investors can be assured of the most up-to-date market knowledge and insight when buying in the capital.